Dress UP for Christmas! Deep in the dark woods a wood cutter and his daughter are getting ready for Christmas. They have so little food and money that the wood cutter decides to leave his daughter and go into the city to see what other work he can get to pay for some seasonal cheer. When he has gone, his daughter Olive who is brave and adventurous decides she will not stay on her own in the woods so she heads off into the city to find her father. Once in the city Olive finds the shops and businesses where her father may have been and the whole adventure unfolds with hat juggling in Fat Cat Hats, China plate spinning at The Hairy Pear Cafe and opera at the Pig in a Wig shop. The story ends with a Christmas feast at the palace and acrobatics on the table! This hugely energetic Christmas show is magically told by a story telling giant Grande Dame and the whole adventure unfolds from her sumptuous dress. There is lots of audience participation and something for every age group in Dress up for Christmas by:-        Circo Rum Ba Ba is a well established, highly experienced women’s circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise