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    Posted by PETER on 21/03/2019


    Posted by Christine Archer (Caswell) on 19/03/2019   Email

    Now that I've had a chance to look more thoroughly at your brilliant website, I think I can identify uncaptioned photo 3 on the Education in Bryn page. This is a class photo of the top class in Bryn Primary (standard 5 or 6?). The teacher's name was Mrs Sharp, and what a wonderful, kind woman she was. The man was Islwyn Jones the headmaster. Mr Jones was ahead of his time when it came to equal opportunity because he caned both girls and boys - I received two from him in the one year. I think I am in the photo, the 6th from left (in a white top), but could be wrong - it was such a long time ago. If I'm correct about this then the year was 1953/54. After finishing that class, those that hadn't passed the 11+ were bussed to Eastern Secondary Modern in Taibach, complete with its yellow rain, which came from the industry behind it. Again, congratulations on compiling such a full and interesting website. I am thrilled to have found it, albeit by accident. Christine Archer (Caswell)

    Posted by Christine Archer (nee Caswell) on 15/03/2019   Email

    Hi Bryn residents I stumbled upon your website today. Many years ago I was one of a group of people that helped to run a non-denominational, twice-weekly youth club in St Tydfil's church (which no longer exists), approx. between the years 1960-1964.Our group consisted of Lawrence, Sylvia, Peter, Spencer, Pam and myself, with many helpers when we put on winter pantomimes in the Mechanics Institute, just down the road from St Tydfil's church. Does anyone remember those days? I have been living in Australia for the past 42 years, but I have fond memories of my years in Bryn. I lived in Maesteg Road, but I see it no longer exists (still own the land), and attended the old Bryn Primary School, which also no longer exists. A local lady, Mrs Walters, used to cook our delicious hot lunches and deserts. I have so many good memories of Bryn, and made a fleeting afternoon visit a few years ago when I called in to see my old friend Peter Adams. So many changes! Christine Archer (nee Caswell)

    Posted by NANSI (ANNE) PARFITT-EDWARDS on 04/01/2019   Email

    Disappointingly I've never received a reply to my request in June, 2016, for news of my old friends Ken and Sheila. Does NO-ONE remember them?! Happy New Year to all Bryn residents anyway!

    Posted by Samantha Scott edgar on 26/10/2018   Email

    Hello I am doing some research into my ansectory my nanas second cousin was richard mester Richard married to glady mester I know they wrote books on there life in bryn. I believe richard ronald was a surveyor

    Posted by Sean on 13/03/2018

    Hello all! I am researching my ancestor working in the Royal Oak public house, I wonder, do any records of the guest book or log from the 1870s survive?

    Posted by Janet on 09/09/2017   Email

    Thank you

    Posted by Janet on 07/09/2017   Email

    Hi, I used to live in bryn, can you still walk down the old railway line from the royal oak pub passed nant y boda, and further down?

    Posted by NANSI PARFITT-EDWARDS on 24/06/2016   Email


    Posted by Gaynor Jones on 15/03/2016   Email

    Well Done Peter. Have really enjoyed reading all the articles featured on this site. Didn't realise how much content there is. Keep up the good work. Will be an avid reader from now on.

    Posted by adrian morrisle on 08/03/2016   Email

    iam sorry that i have not contributed to this page my pc malfuntioned ihave studied this site and found it to be very interesting and illuminating

    Posted by Rebecca Perry on 23/02/2016   Email

    I recently bought Buttercup Cottage, Bryn Cottages - Just off Meadow Row. If anyone has old images or information about the cottages, I'd love to see the pictures or hear about the cottages. Thank you. Rebecca

    Posted by Elaine Jones on 30/07/2015

    I led a Cwm Walking group walk on Wednesday evening(29/7) on the nature reserve.We followed the new Heritage Trail route which was excellent and can only get better once work is completed. Thanks to the local group for the imagination and hard work needed to make this trail.

    Posted by Wayne Evans on 26/03/2015   Email

    My family lived in the Village from 1960 - around 1972. I now live in Kent. I went to both the old and the new school and have many fond memories of Bryn. I always take my Dad (Windsor Evans) up for a drive when I visit him. Such a beautiful place!

    Posted by Sheryl Taylor on 07/05/2014   Email

    My mum was born at 6 Bryngurnos St, My grandad Jim Jones used to run the shop next door. He married my nana Dilys in the chapel in the valley that has been knocked down now, he used to play rugby to Maesteg. The shop was in his uncles name Walters. My grandad used to work in a mine but left to go to Vauxhall, I would love to know any histroy related to them

    Posted by peter on 02/11/2013   Email

    have you looked at photo gallery, photos of wanklyn family

    Posted by Anthony Wanklyn on 01/11/2013   Email

    Hi,Just seen this site on google and it brought back good memories from when I visited with my parents, we visited the church st tydvils and remember seeing my uncles name in the book of remembrance his name was Clifford wanklyn,my dads name was Robert Byron wanklyn

    Posted by Danielle on 22/10/2013   Email

    Hi,We have just moved to the village and are wondering if there is anything going on in the village for Halloween. I am not sure whether or not to get sweets in for the kids or not. Are there many trick or treater's that come around? Ellie x

    Posted by Ron Turner on 07/10/2013

    My youngest daughter is moving to Bryn today. As I am from Merthyr, I have told her that she will find Bryn a beautiful place in the summer but freezing cold in the winter. My first trip to Bryn was on a cycle trip from Merthyr over the mountains via Aberdare and the Rhondda , to Port Talbot and then back up past the Giants Grave ,up the Neath Valley to Merthyr. Over many years I have kept up my visits to the Welsh Valleys . I will be in Bryn sometime next year and will do something I have not done yet -- I will stop at The Royal Oak for a pint . Any ex-miners like me in the bar at the time - - the first round will be mine. But I will ask you to show me your blue scars as I will show you mine on my hands. This is an excellent site to remind us of our valley's days on Miners Club and Sunday School outings.

    Posted by Peter Dixon on 17/09/2013   Email

    Just sent to you an old photo taken in baldwin st,pre 1950,hope you do not mind.

    Posted by Peter Phillips on 12/08/2013   Email


    Posted by Local Resident on 08/08/2013

    why hasnt there been any surgery minutes published for over a year? has brag folded? there was so many people with so much to say in the begining and now nothing?

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 13/07/2013   Email

    Well done Brian Rees and Ryan and Sarah for organising the quiz night for the Bones family.

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 09/06/2013   Email

    Well that is what the residents of Bryn wanted! No involvement from BRAG apparently! If you have any issues please contact your local councillors.

    Posted by Concered Local Resident on 07/06/2013

    Still no surgery minutes being published I see. Or should they be obtained directly from the councillor - Im sure she keep minutes of all meetings?

    Posted by Ronnie Johnson on 14/05/2013   Email

    I am looking for any information on my great grandfather John Phillips who was married to Sarah Bowen. They emigrated to Australia in 1887 with 2 children David John (4 yrs) & Margaret (2 yrs) in 1887. Margaret was my grandmother & I would love to know anything about John & Sarah. All I know is that they lived in Bryn in 1881. They may have had a daughter Elizabeth.

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 07/04/2013   Email

    Ant volunteers for the Beast Race villagers past and present please contact myself.

    Posted by Peter Bickerdike on 26/03/2013

    I have fond memories of my school holidays with my Grandma in Bryn.(1960/70's)I wonder if anyone remembers the Blackmore family? I understand that my Grandad used to be the station master at Bryn station, probably at the time when the mine was open.

    Posted by david jones on 31/12/2012   Email

    Ihave been trying to trace Tymaen farm as my grandfather [Llewellyn Jones 1867-1945] was known as Llewellyn Tymaen as he and his four brothers once lived there with their parents.David and Hanna jones

    Posted by Lynne Rees on 05/12/2012   Email

    What a fantastic site that celebrates your village's fascinating past and vibrant present.

    Posted by web master on 29/11/2012

    one meeting cancelled due to elections other will be updated asaip.please remember all this work is volenteer powered, somtimes there are greater priorities for the few.

    Posted by cp on 25/11/2012

    can you please tell me why the surgery minutes have not been updated for the last 6 months? kind regards cp

    Posted by L PHILLIPS on 23/11/2012

    I used to read with interest the minutes of the surgery and Brag meetings in the documents section,are they somewhere else or do you not do it anymore?

    Posted by glen davies on 11/09/2012   Email

    I used to spend my summer holidays in Bryn stopping with my gran and grandfather at 18 Station Terrace. My mother Catherine Thomas was born in Bryn but later moved to Talgarth.I spent many a happy holiday with my uncle Tom Thomas and aunty Charlotte in the late forties and early fifties

    Posted by Helen Clarke on 20/07/2012   Email

    I'm researching my family history & am looking for any persons or information regarding persons, past or present with the name Haines. My grandmother was a Haines & was born & grew up in St. Fagins. Her name was Bertha Amelia, her parents were Thomas Haines & Elizabeth Haines nee Rees. Bertha had 6 half siblings by her fathers first marriage to Jane Ann Taylor they were Fanny a. Haines, Mary Jane Haines, Ernest, Edith, Alice E. Haines & Ellen. Jane died & Thomas remarried my great grandmother Elizabeth Rees, together they had Thomas, Spencer, Morfydd, Idwal, Gladys, Bertha Amelia..my grand mother, Everette, Phyllis & Victor. My great grandfather Thomas Haines was a stone mason & according to family stories he worked on the manor estate. If anybody has any information at all I would really appreciate it if you could contact me..thankyou..Helen Clarke

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 23/06/2012   Email

    Subject: Beast Race. To all residents and former residents of Bryn. The video of this years event is on the race web site, go to photos page for the link. See the village at its best.

    Posted by Robert Adams on 27/05/2012   Email

    Left Bryn in 1958 at 14yrs old moved to Pyle nr the beach at Sker but still like Bryn

    Posted by lorna evans bowden on 11/05/2012   Email

    enjoyed the walk around bryn seen many changes around the village totaly different when we were young lorna

    Posted by janette Evans on 08/05/2012   Email

    I also see that the old Amblance hall is in need of restoring or are you going to let it fall down .It seems that its the only thing left that is old in the village and a shame if it was no longer there .Can you not apply to the lottery for a grant to restore it make it a musum of the village so it can payfor its self

    Posted by janette Evans on 08/05/2012   Email

    I enjoyed looking at old photos of the village only last week my sister and i came up to the village and walked around there are many changes compleatly diffrent when we lived there and still building there i see .If any one has photos of the old school and new school around the 60 s and mestege road that would be nice to see and children that we knew at the time that lived in the street wayne evans , rowena evans gayna , martin fits, martin thomas ect

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 02/04/2012   Email

    Does anyone out there have any information about the actor Owen Jones from Bryn please? It would be great if we could contact his relations.

    Posted by Brian Rees on 31/03/2012   Email

    Charity team quiz at the Royal Oak Bryn Friday April 6th @8.30pm All proceeds to Velindre Hospitals Stepping Stones Appeal Please turn out and support this worthy cause Bryn the small village with the big heart

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 17/03/2012   Email

    To all who are interested. A presentation of historical information including photos will be held at the Community Centre in Bryn on the 29th of March at 6:30, please bring along any photos that you might have of old bryn and its residents so we can copy them and preserve for future generations to see.

    Posted by Howard Evans on 05/03/2012   Email

    i visted the village last week and do so every year .Although i live in kent now my family are from the Village and have so many happy memmories of Bryn and it's people including who had the corner shop (Now gone) who must have been the inspiration for Arkwright in Open All Hours in his brown shop jacket.Sheep wandering around the village was a regular site.God bless Bryn and the people of the village

    Posted by Robert Adams on 23/02/2012   Email

    I was born in Park Ave in 1944 and lived ther untill 1958 when we moved to Pyle, I have many good memories,What a wonderful place it was to be a child, I now live in North Cornelly have a son in the Army and a Daughter and two grand children who are farming.

    Posted by carolyn Hauser on 13/02/2012   Email

    I enjoyed the photos brought back memories I live in California but I was born in Bryn I used to be Carolyn Davies, Diane Edwards is my sister (Royal Oak)

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 17/01/2012   Email

    What the the people from our village of Bryn did for a Chinese family who lost their 4 year old son before Christmas Eve is really beyond belief. When you consider the size of this village to raise any amount of money is difficult to say the least. This village has raised in excess of £1000.00 and also raised money separately to buy and deliver toys to the families younger son. The heartfelt compassion that was also given to the family reminds me a bit of days gone by when your problems became everyone's and villages stuck together to overcome whatever issues individuals had. If anything comes out of recessions its values! People are I think, beginning to realise monetary value is very little in life, caring and sharing is far more important. This story should really be told to the rest of Wales, Whoever you are, whatever your religion and whatever ethnic background you originate from, THERE IS ALWAYS A WELCOME IN THE HILLSIDE!

    Posted by W.Morris on 03/01/2012   Email

    Have many happy memories of Bryn,whilst a member of the Church Choir Ken Pearson and I started a dance band @ the Church Hall,Ken was an excellent accordian player,Thomas the Parson gave us the hall free,so the young people of the Village would have somewhere to go,this was in the 1940s all the young people of the Village would come to dance twice a week to Ken and I,happy days still remembered.Well BRAG keep up the good work

    Posted by peter phillips on 01/12/2011

    this will be put right shortly, im told, as they intend to give me a list of their dates for future events. anyone can advertise appropriate village events on the site so long as i am informed in plenty of time peter phillips. webmaster.

    Posted by LESLEY PHILLIPS on 01/12/2011

    I think Graham has missed the point,an entry on the Whats On page on the website would suffice

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 28/11/2011   Email

    Answer to Lesleys comment. Quiz night will be held at the Royal Oak on Friday the 2nd of Dec. We try our best to advertise but sometimes people still do not see the posters.

    Posted by LESLEY PHILLIPS on 07/11/2011

    Just thought I would mention on what a good night it was at The Royal Oak friday 4th November Quiz in aid of the Mother and toddler group.But how disappointing the turn out was, both Brian(quizmaster) and barstaff worked hard to put on a good night.Look forward the next one and hope they are better supported.

    Posted by peter dixon on 28/10/2011   Email

    lovely to read about the bryn,born and bred there,worked in the bryn colliery 1953/57.always visit when we are in wales,fond memories

    Posted by DOUG on 04/08/2011   Email

    PAST IMAGES ONTO Mr bowen could you see him for the images hope you like them

    Posted by Doug Hicks on 05/07/2011

    I've sent 4 emails with photographs but 3 have bounced back. Will try sending them again tomorrow, perhaps there is too much on the email server?

    Posted by Doug Hicks on 02/07/2011   Email


    Posted by peter on 24/06/2011   Email

    i am always interested to see any interesting photos you can send to me at this email addrees they dont need to be large files as the ones on the site are only about 200kb

    Posted by doug hicks on 24/06/2011   Email


    Posted by peter on 23/06/2011   Email

    thanks for that, all information that gives us a wider picture of events is most welcome.

    Posted by Dave Hurley on 23/06/2011

    i used to drive for Llynfi Motors in the early seventies on service for about seven years traveling through Bryn every day. Llynfi and Brewers Motor Services were bought out at the same time by the mother company South Wales Transport but under the name of Brewers, which then changed to First Bus, I know this, because I was driving for SWT at the time of the take over.

    Posted by Stuart Brennan on 19/06/2011   Email

    Good to see someone one driving through the comunity spirit we grew up with. Keep up the good work, and greetings from downtown Afghanistan.

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 10/06/2011   Email

    Anyone who has moved out of Bryn is more than welcome to come to the Beast of Bryn Running Event on the 18th where there will be opportunities for all to catch up on past times living in our village. There will be historical exhibitions displayed in the community centre.

    Posted by Brian Davies on 24/05/2011   Email

    I can see Emrys Davies has contacted this site. This is your cousin Brian Davies who spent a lot of time with you in Bryn. Can you get in touch with me, email available, for old times sake

    Posted by Michael Jones on 11/05/2011   Email

    Hi everyone. I found this site through Melvyn Lewis who used to live in Welfare Ave. Before moving to Dagenham, i used to live in the end house in Coronation Street, where my neice now lives (Lorraine Lloyd) maiden name Wood,alot of my family still live in the village, also still alot of my childhood friends. I still visit as often as possible and will be coming back in june this year for 3 weeks. Please leave me an email if you remember me and wanna chat. thanks Mick

    Posted by Conrad Walters on 02/05/2011   Email

    Excellent website.Amongst photographs submitted by D.Vaughan of old Bryn school I recognised my late aunt Mary(Polly)Walters who taught there in the 1930's. She retired to Bryn from Oxfordshire in 1961, finally living at Derlwyn, Bryngurnos St. I still enjoy visiting the village to see my cousin Myra Pugh, and old friends Colin and Jean Tudor.

    Posted by jody phillips on 15/04/2011   Email

    Well I'm amazed at the amount of work you've all put, congratulations. It's made me feel very nostalgic seeing the photographs and reading some of the articles. I didn't even knew the organisation existed until i stumbled across a link on the BBC website. fantastic, well done.

    Posted by Melvyn Lewis on 13/04/2011   Email

    I lived in Bryn as a child 1953-1962 & along with google street map & this web sight I have been able to catch up on my old home. I now live in Ashford Kent. I used to livr at 22 Welfare Av. Sad to see my old school no longer there

    Posted by glyn thomas on 13/04/2011   Email

    it drive through the bryn every day going to work and never realy thought about it but looking at the photos of old bryn and the size of and location of bryn pit it throws a different light on the village.And the story of Billy Beynon is realy tragic,every time i travel down & up Billy Beynon hill i picture them carring his coffin. Thank you very much for a very good web site.On one of the photos i saw somoeone i worked with, the photo of people sitting and standing outside a post office we worked in REVLON together, the gentleman with the glasses many thanks.

    Posted by Paul Martin on 22/03/2011   Email

    I have been to Bryn once before as have relatives there.Will be returning on 9/4/11 for the weekend

    Posted by Tyreese LeDaggio on 09/03/2011   Email

    Me and my partner Jemal had a wonderful time in the quaint village of Bryn. It was great fun seeing all the attractions such as; The Hill and The Rugby Football Club. We enjoyed our stay so much we went back to Jamaica and recommended you to all our friends! Peace out, see you again very soon. P.S Big shout out to the Wright family, they really know how to throw a party!!!

    Posted by Mike Hunt on 09/03/2011   Email

    When I won the lottery back in 2004, the first thing on my mind was to visit Bryn. Whilst there I stayed with co-Soundgarden enthusiast James Wright, and had a great time getting up to all sorts of shenanigans. Becoming indulged in the scenic landscape, accompanied by my pal James, really taught me to appreciate all that life can give. Overall I'd give this mesmeric and life-changing experience a 7.5/10.

    Posted by Andrew Alvarez on 08/02/2011   Email

    I toured Wales, staying in Bryn with Danny and Pam, with the Huns RFC (Austin, TX) in November of 2002. Although we lost to Bryn and then Taibach, it was a great experience. The people of Bryn were amazingly friendly and hospitable. Think we ran the clubhouse dry.

    Posted by Bill lewis on 30/12/2010

    My father-in-law is Maldwyn Jenkins, a long time resident of Bryn, and we enjoyed looking around the site. There are some great pictures which Maldwyn could add some little snippets of information too (but not for the faint hearted!)Question are there any pictures of Blaen Cae Eron (not sure of spelling) a farm ( belonging to Jim and Gladys Thomas. Mal use to visit when he was a youngster. Thank you.

    Posted by emrys davies on 22/12/2010

    this site is a real trip down memory lane.I was born in bryn in 1945 and lived at 2 baldwin st until I left to join the royal navy in 1962.I was pleased to see a picture of my father Tom Davies and my mother Morfydd in the picture of the bowls club. Best wishes to all who remember me.

    Posted by Babs on 09/12/2010

    Love the site, well done! Have been researching the Howell's of Cilcarn Farm for a while and it was great to see the pictures of the family. My thanks to you all especially David Vaughan.

    Posted by Ron Rowland on 02/11/2010   Email

    To David Vaughan, please contact me, I would be pleased to know how you are,and what you have been doing since we last met probably during my navy days.

    Posted by Kylie on 29/10/2010

    Hi. My grandad was from port Talbot.He moved to Kent years ago but always told me about Wales and was a very proud man. He was a twin, I never met his twin but he stayed in Port talbot. My grandad's name was Thomas Dalton. Im hoping to come to Port Talbot soon because I want to see this wonderful place where my grandad was brought up and left there when he was in his 40s. If any one knew my grandad or my grandad twin please let me know. They also had a sister named Lill Dalton. x

    Posted by Graham Rowland on 22/10/2010   Email

    hello, Are you the David Vaughan who knew my eldest brother Ron? I am the chairman of the action group in Bryn and part of the historical society. If you have any photos could you please mail them to me. I will also contact my brother if as I think you are the guy who knew my brother.

    Posted by David Vaughan on 21/10/2010

    I was born in 1952 and lived in Bryn until 1966. I recognise my grandfather in one of the photos of some farmers. My mothers side of the family (Howells) were one of the original Bryn families and we can trace them back to the 1600's. They farmed at Cilcarn, which overlooks Cwmavon. I have lots of photos of my family and Bryn, some of which date back the early 1900's and photos of my family from World War 1 depicting my grandfather and 6 brothers from Cilcarn farm on horseback. If they are any use to you please let me know.

    Posted by Gerwyn Moseley on 31/08/2010   Email

    I've just realised that I am the little boy in one of the "old pictures of people" photos - the one sitting on a stool on Bryngurnos Street in the late 50s. That's certainly my grandmother to my left, but I don't recognise the two older children, the old boy in the gateway, nor the legs of the child next to him. If anyone can identify any of them, I'd love to know. It does look a bit suspicious, though; no sheep at the bus stop. Has it been photoshopped?

    Posted by Gerwyn Moseley on 31/08/2010

    Hello, there. I was born in Bryn in 1956: we unfortunately moved to England when I was four! I find your site fascinating, but I had one question about places of worship: I could've sworn there was a Congregational chapel on Byrngurnos St when I was a kid. It was down the Maesteg end - more or less opposite where the Co-op was. We lived with my grandmother, Jennet Rankin, at number 53 or 51 Bryngurnos St - last time I was back in the village it had been re-named "Treetops" (I think).

    Posted by Luke Rosser on 29/08/2010   Email

    Its nice to see so much infomation up on the Bryn website, I shall keep updating the wikipedia page as much as i can. There was nothing on there when i started it. Also if there are any mistakes on there just let me know. Keep up the good work :)

    Posted by Janet Davies on 28/08/2010   Email

    I was born in bryn in 1965 inb the forestry houses known as nant y boda i have very fond memories of growing up in the village although we moved in 1977, i have found this site a lovely reminder of those days

    Posted by Paul on 14/08/2010   Email

    This is certainly starting to take shape. We will have to get together soon and see what help I can give you?