Bryn Primary School in collaboration with Brag and the National Lottery Fund. Presents at the Bryn Community Center, On Tuesday the 8th of April 2014, "Coal-Coal, our country needs Coal", a presentation of a project undertaken by the pupils over the last 12 months.
Further information can also be had at the schools project web site -   you can also visit the schools history pin pages here -   and below you'll find photos videos etc. of the project.
What a night it was last Tuesday, the community center was packed, the air was electric with anticipation, if you weren't there you missed out on a treat the kids were absolutely brilliant and the grown ups weren't bad either. Below are some photos of the evening and drawings done by the children. For those that missed the night and would like to see it, or for second helpings if you missed anything the first time, a video of the night can be seen here.

The displays around the room produced by the children and Daf, explained in detail how the village had grown from a small farming community into a center for mining as a result of the industrial revolution. Then finally returning into its present form as a pleasant village surrounded by hills, forests, farms and walks, rides aplenty to keep any one happy but most of all to being "a nice place to be".
A video has been produced by the School,BRAG and the Historical Soc. to bring together the history of the village as part of the project.                                     
Congratulations and a big thank you to the teaching staff, pupils, Bryn Historical Society, Brag, NPT Council, TATA steel, The Miners Museum, Afan country park the ladies who provided refreshments and every one else including parents and guests and the two singers who helped create an evening with such a special atmosphere, apologies to anyone I've missed. Thanks also to The National Lottery Community Fund, for its sponsorship which leaves us with a lasting legacy for future generations.