Pre-industrial revolution Bryn, i.e. first half of the1800's, prior to coal being mined in industrial quantities to feed the growing needs of industry in Cwmavon. The main stay of Bryn's economy lay firmly in agriculture. The mountains surrounding the village would not be a coniferous forest, as now, but would have been an open landscape, with typically farming of sheep, and some arable farming-taking place as seen in pictures below.



             The whole family gets involved to help gather in the harvest. probably 1930's

Farmers get together in the 1930's to gather the sheep in from Margam Mountain.

Time to rest and have a chance to reminisce before work restarts.

Not every one is happy with the sheep in Bryn it seems according to this old poem in the papers I think things are a little better these days thanks to BILL JAMES for sending it in.