Recently I was contacted by Mr.David Park and was very excited to be asked if we where interested in a few documents that had been passed to him by his late father naturally my interest was aroused and we arranged a meeting, I was very surprised at the meeting to be given a lot of information, documents and photos, relating to Cilcarn farm and David's family here in Bryn. It will take some time to get it all up on the site and if any one is interested in seeing the originals please contact me, in the meantime below is a copy of the original e.mail I had from David explaining his connection to the family, and a start to the information I received:-

Cilcarn Farm & The Howell Family

My father Robert Glynwyn Park was born in Bryn in 1932 and lived at 55 Bryngurnos Street with his Aunt & Uncle, Glyn & Blodwyn Walters. Blodwyn’s maiden name was Howell and her father was Rees Howell who I understand was the Tenant Farmer at Cilcarn Farm. My father lived in Bryn until 1950 when he left to take up his National Service.
My father passed away earlier this year and in his possessions I have come across a number of documents,  photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to the Howell family and Cilcarn. Some of these documents & photographs go back to the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s.  I noticed on your website that a Mr D. Vaughan had posted an article and photo’s  about the Howell family & Cilcarn and I wonder whether he or someone else would like to see the documents that have come into my possession.
I am not looking to make any gain from these documents but would like them (as would my Father have wished) to be available to be seen by people in the Bryn area.

I look forward to hearing from you
Kind Regards
David Park

Well many thanks David, information about the village and its residents are what we are about and you can be assured we will take care of and share this information here, and when we have events in the village.

Pictured below. :- David’s, father’s, uncle, Glyn Walters of Bryngurnos St, Bryn. A miner at Ton-HIR colliery Bryn. Top photo his Davys’ lamp and below that his inscription on the inside base. Below that the makers name and mark, and lastly the current info. about the maker who are still producing these life savers.
See Bottom of photos more information.

For information on Davy Lamp:-   for information on today's lamps



School reports Robert Park 1945/46, note fees school fees of £4=10s, while we take for granted free schooling today.