Latest Project News
In order to make "Bryn a nice place to be" a number of projects have been instigated by BRAG to make improvements around the village of Bryn. These will improve the environment for its inhabitants and visitors.Here you will find details of current projects.

      If you would like to become involved, please contact the BRAG chair using the details on the Committee page.

Something to BRAG about.

Forest Footpath and Drysiog Farm Project Plan
Bryn is a village and community situated in the ward of Bryn & Cwmavon. It has a population of 913. The village is located in the hills between Cwmavon, in the Afan Valley, and Maesteg in the Llynfi Valley, approximately 6 miles (9.7km) from Port Talbot and 2 miles (3.2 km) from Maesteg.
Primarily an agricultural area, it became a center for mining coal with the advent of the industrial revolution. Since mining ceased it has reverted in the greatest part back to its farming past. Due to its location nestling in the Margam Mountains and surrounding Afan forest it is a developing rural village.
This project will encourage more outdoor activity and practical involvement. This project aims to enhance the village of Bryn by providing an additional facility while taking into account wider social and environmental considerations relevant to the village and wider community such as pride in their community.
Currently, the woodland the proposed footpath goes through is closed and inaccessible to the public as is Drysiog Farm due to knot-weed infestation. There is a proven desire within the community to develop Bryn as a hub for outdoor activity and recreation
To open access to an inaccessible area of deciduous woodland, linking Bryn tip to the ruins of Drysiog farm. Clear Drysiog farm of knot-weed and reinstate it as a visitor site and picnic area. Improving community capacity, involvement, accessibility and biodiversity in Bryn. Encouraging local residents and the wider community to lead healthier lifestyles through physical outdoor activity.
Create a design based on the needs, wants and ideas of the local community Implement the design to a high standard and for value for money. Creation of a community facility where none exists Involve local people in all stages. Where possible this will be practical involvement of local volunteers.
Participants/volunteers gain increase in confidence and skills through informal training. Improve quality and appearance of local environment. Create links and plan to establish sustainable maintenance and use in the long term.
Demand for the project
As part of our on-going community work we have undertaken a number of consultations through our community events, meetings and project work. (See attached forms from groundwork.)
Achieving a Successful Project
The processes and activities used to achieve the aims of this project are important. We hope to build capacity, confidence and prosperity.
Community members of all ages will be engaged to participate in a number of different ways in the project. Success will be measured by the numbers of participants. Another important measure will be the number of people that participate on a regular/repeat basis. It will also be important that these different age groups participate together as much as possible.These participants will not only gain a new facility, but confidence, skills and a sense of ownership and pride in their local area.
Value for Money
The project needs to make the most of the money it receives. A tendering process will be used to ensure the contractors give value for money and deliver to a high standard. Tenders will be sought from local contractors as far as possible, making sure the funding stays within the local area as far as possible
A number of elements of the project will bring added value. The use of volunteers in practical aspects of the project will provide training and experience.
The woodland and surrounding areas are a haven for wildlife. The increased access will allow locals and visitors to come closer with the deciduous woodland they have. By clearing the knot-weed at Drysiog farm we will allow native species to return to the site.
Publicity will be a high priority throughout the project. People’s involvement in the project should be celebrated and publicized. This will build confidence and pride in the project.
Publicity will be sought at a number of different stages in the local paper and newsletters.

Below refurbishment of picnic area to the rear of the Royal Oak.

First stone points the way to Port Talbot down the old PTR Track now a beautiful walk and cycle track.The carving highlights the villages past history, of mining and farming and also has a set of boxing gloves honoring the fighter Billy Bynon who died at the coal face saving his son from certain death.

      The picture below showing the work opposite the Royal Oak on the site of the old coal tips.


Bryn Nature Reserve

This project is being carried out with the aid of the  "Welsh Assembly Bio Diversity Group". The aim is to both protect the natural wild environment and habitats around Bryn, at the same time to make them accessible to its residents and visitors to the area.

Work has progressed well on the projects set for completion by BRAG. The fencing of the old tip (new nature reserve) has been completed to a high standard with gates put in place opposite the pub. This has stopped the land being damaged by motor bikes, 4×4's etc. resulting in the land being able to recover from previous abuse. 
a Google map of the area.

Area to be preserved as a Nature Reserve


The area of land, which is the focus of this project.

Below right)  Bryn Colliery, This is how the area left looked up to 1960's, these and many more photos are being recorded on this site to preserve them for the future. bryn_old_colliery_small[1].jpg


                                        Bryn Fishing Ponds
Preliminary work continues on this project with planning permission having been applied for, to create fish ponds above the village and to the rear of Maesteg golf club. Though this should be seen as a long term project.

Bryn Historical Society

This project is aiming to capture the heritage of the Bryn area and make the information available to anyone interested.For information on The Bryn Historical Society meetings go to the "What's on" page where the full program can be seen.